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Mitovation’s Non-Invasive Mitochondrial Modulation Therapy is a Platform Technology to Address Multiple Markets

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Mitovation’s infrared light technology is non-invasive and has a robust safety profile.

Patent-protected technology

Mitovation has filed and been issued multiple patents for its technology in the United States and Internationally.

Class II Regulatory pathway

Mitovation’s device qualifies as a Class II Medical device 510k de novo clearance through the Food and Drug Administration.

Experienced leadership team

Mitovation’s leadership team and advisory board have depth and breadth of experience in translating medical devices from bench to bedside.

Exclusive License Option

Mitovation has an exclusive license to its infrared technology through Wayne State University’s Office of Technology Commercialization and the University of Michigan.

NIH and DoD funded

To date, Mitovation and its founders have been awarded ~$21 Million in grant and award funds from the NIH, DoD, and others to research, develop, and commercialize its groundbreaking technology.

Patent Protected Technology
with First in Class Design

Mitovation has partnered with ISO 13485 certified and FDA compliant medical device firms for the design, engineering, and manufacture of its devices for human use.


Mitovation’s technology is currently being investigated in large animal studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense. Studies to date have shown Mitovation’s infrared light therapy protects neurological function of animals that suffer from neonatal hypoxia/ischemia and cardiac arrest with subsequent resuscitation.

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